About Time to Find Out

There comes a point of no return on trying to encourage others to understand that the fabulous Social Security Act (i.e. 42 U.S.C.) under a certain Title IV-A,B,C,or D, collected wealth (and influence), consolidated it with private corporate profit, and pre-planned the economic destruction of the United States of America, in the name of “public health and welfare.” And that the family court system is, naturally, part of this. Expropriate assets, take kids if necessary, first, buy off media with advanced technology, then preach about the public’s work ethic, and the values of supporting the system.

Well, I’ve been through the college, the work life, a second degree, the marriage — simultaneous with the violence — the survival, the leaving, and the being hauled back in through family court AND my own family who should’ve had got the message when I filed for legal permission to stay alive (with small children) that they’d missed something, instead of attempting to jump in the drivers’ seat (recently absent) as if, being husbandless (Thank God Almighty, Free at Last) I was per se “hopeless, aimless, shiftless” and in need of another slavemaster with a Y chromosome, and his female crew. However, people are who they are; and face it: some are dumb, others are greedy, others are more than just greedy, they have cold hearts that are set on fire by something they want — like other people’s children, or a reputation for giving a daman about kids, when the real issue is, understanding how to with the kids, commandeer any family assets.

Prior to this prolonged experience, I did think, generally speaking, there was some justice somewhere around, or wisdom, or understandiing between right and wrong, in the secular realm (obviously was not in the religious, as to wife-beating and financially pimping one’s wife as, well, just a relationship issue). (I came in with credit and a solid work history & references; he walked out with mine and no greater incentive to develop a work ethic than I’d seen during the marriage, although my absence forced keeping it up to a minimum level at least).
~ ~ ~
People who don’t do well with “constant conflict” and like to, in general, trust others, are shuffled to the middle and upper portions of the deck and encouraged to think about retaining their social status, lest they become the lower portion of the deck, who are getting crushed, possibly as a message to the middle of what will happen to them if they don’t keep at their hourly wages, and leave it to the experts how to invest their pension funds (if any), retirement plans (if any) and the profits from their income taxes.

Meanwhile, I’m telling you — there has to be something innately powerful about awake, informed, and recently outraged mothers (i.e., someone either stole, or hurt their kids). We not only give birth, once having done so, the intention is to keep that life going, and to oppose death-dealing agencies, entitities, and personnel. Such as war. And — can you imagine a world without “war”? Where would technology be?

I have neglected this blog because there are only so many waking hours in the day, and the situation that started when I started sticking up for myself AND my kids (over twenty years ago) hasn’t finished yet. I know who I am, but would still like the record set straight for my (children, now young adults) should they ever care to understand — from another point of view — what happened to them. I hope to God the curiosity, ability to reject and rebel, and desire to really know the truth about (how the world works) was not terrorized, numbed, or simply alienated out of them. I know they’re smart, I believe they’re strong, but I PRAY they are well, and guard what goes into their hearts, and who they hang out with, which affects the same, even in the best of us.

When I said point of no return — there comes a time when you just can’t stand looking at more evil systems, analyzing them, evaluating them, and reporting on them. After all, “Systems” have a DNA, and once the basics are understood, how much more elaboration is really needed?

No ends justifies the amount of waste and child-sacrifice involved in the family court AND the conciliation court systems. These systems also thrive and propser off the tax systems, namely income, and designating some groups “NONPROFIT” and some “FOR PROFIT” (oxymoron — both are for profit. One just alleges to help the public more). Historically, when did that designation show up? Early 1900s, right after which we suddenly had World War I? All it’s about is domination of others, centralization of power, empire expansions, etc.

We need to resist the ongoing attempt to brainwash us with affective words such as “family” or “marriage” etc. I loved having children, however, we never had a family — there is no “family” when one member is a sociopath and so abusive. However, it’s a great measure of any family what they do once they learn — whether stop it, or exploit it. I have learned what mine did (and are still doing) which caused me to rethink WTF I’ll be doing from here on out. At some point in time, one’s belief in the resurrection (or not) becomes more significant in the courage factor. In other words, these issues are not likely to get settled in my lifetime. And I think it’s a healthy wakeup, the concept one might just have to give an account of one’s life before a judge that can’t be (like so many of the current religious 501(c)3s around) be bought off, and actually has some wisdom.
~ ~
How’d you like your account to be: “I saw, I knew, I sat on the sidelines because I gave at the office”? I wouldn’t like that. Would you?

Then go through your county budget, and find out what nonprofits are contracting with this county, and see if they are legitimately incorporated at not. Find out what national ones they are joined at the hip with. Here’s one place to start:
http://fathersandfamiliescoalition.org. Just completed another mighty San Francisco conference, I heard (last week of Feb. 2013). They aim to train the world in Fatherhood and Family Service Professionalism by 2015. The American public his helping through http://fatherhood.gov ((HHS and many other programs}}. If I had a software program, I’d go through every single affiliate, look up their corporate records and tax returns, and post them.

Ever found any domestic violence organization that even mentioned the name of this group to one of their clients?

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