(see last post, Essential Questions Essays #1) Men and boys are already engaged in life — they are engaged in all kinds of activities, some of them reproductive, some creative — some assaultive, some nurturant– some building, some shooting, some learning.  Some sitting in classrooms, MORE sitting in jails.  So what’s with “engaging men and boys” as a phrase?  It’s rather open ended language that could be used for practically anything.  Google the phrase — see what comes up!

As a term, it’s describing an ongoing activity. Generally speaking, it’s a corporation (of some sort) engaged in promoting a training program which is allegedly going to promote a certain result. This particular term seems to pull up international organizations (like for HIV/AIDS prevention), but on the home front (USA for me), it also pulled up some state “Coalitions Against Domestic Violence” nonprofits, which is hardly surprising, as both HHS (who help funds the CADV groups) and DOJ (which helps funds other things) are all involved in the “DV” industry. The term has almost become meaningless in their hands.

I’m female.  I can’t speak to what “men and boys” globally are engaged in.  I suspect there’s a lot of variety in what they are engaged in.  Maybe some of them are engaged to their girlfriends.  Others are engaged in the family law system.

But I can tell you one thing that Futures without Violence has been engaged in — for a VERY long time — and tht’s taking a major amount of federal funding, doing large-scale media programming, running bank-up conferences, and ignoring the family law system — and the word “mothers” overall.  When they were “family violence prevention fund” (not that long ago) I used to do periodic searches on “mother” (singular) and “father” (singular) on the site.  You’d be shocked.

They are a nonprofit.  They got started a long while ago, and are engaged in taking substantial moneys from the United States Government (which is to say from something it supposedly doesn’t have enough of — see national debt).

If you want to get a grip on an organization Engaging Men and Boys, then there is a way to do this.  And it StARTS with looking at their corporate records and tax returns.  Then you go “Huh.  wonder what THAT”s about!” and compare what those records say to their declared purpose.  If they’re a US-based corporation, then you go to whatever state(s) they are registered to operate in (I believe this one is San Francisco (i.e., California) and Washington, D.C.

MOST organizations, no matter their corporate purpose and nonprofit public benefit they are proposing — are involved in at LEAST MARKETING.  Many also are engaged — and the person who sent me the EQE essay taught me this — in using nonprofit status to buy up a substantial amount of real estate.  moreover, most NONprofits have a close association with either a FOR PROFIT, or an LLC (for the purpose of holding real estate) and many also are closely tied to the US Government for obvious reasons called, Funding.

Another thing many organizations are involved in (at least in this country here) is expanding.  Still others (I DNR if this one) are also involved in INVESTING.  They have enough money coming their way they can invest this money and produce investment income.  You ought to take a look at what they are investing in.

And at what their CEOs are earning, as well as key staff.

  1. Futures Without Violence: Our Work: Men & Boys

    Futures’ Work to Engage Men Highlighted During Capitol Hill Briefing September 19, 2011 How do you teach boys to respect the women and girls in their lives 

…For this group, I just googled “Futures without Violence grants received.”  This is the first page of “about 3.77 million” (3,770,000) results in less than a second.   You can look at them — and see they are leading things.  Don’t forget the tax return — not just the financials.

It is, FYI, also involved in covering up the family court fiascos — it’s like there’s a collective silence on the matter, except when it comes to an aopportunity to, let’s say, Train a judge or draw up another toolkit? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am very, very tired right now.  Here’s a page of p results for this one group.  After that, I suggest googling the term “Engaging Men and Boys” and start asking some question — whose phrase was this to start with anyhow?  Of the people using that phrase, how many are taking government money — and what kind of organization (legal, corporate identity) are they?  Ignore the propaganda for a while.  Focus on asking the question:  WHO is this, and WHAT are they doing?  What are they selling — where are the profis and expenses actually coming from?

  1. Futures Without Violence: News: In The News


    May 5, 2011 – Twenty-three organizations received grants of $300,000.Futures Without Violence will lead the technical assistance work for the project.

  2. Budget and Appropriations – Futures Without Violence


    Priority programs for Futures Without Violence that received level funding included  Grant of $7.5 million was restored after being threatened with elimination.

  3. Futures Without Violence: Features: Enhancing Judicial Skills in 


    The National Judicial Institute on Domestic Violence (NJIDV), a partnership of the  and Futures Without Violence (formerly Family Violence Prevention Fund), offers  jurisdictions currently receivingfunding from Training Grants to Stop Abuse 

  4. Futures Without Violence: Features: I-LED: Institute for Leadership in 


    The Futures Without Violence, formerly Family Violence Prevention Fund,  60 organizations that receive funding through 10 major OVWgrant programs. I-LED 

  5.  (this search result is me.  It probably has a sample tax return)

    Futures Without Violence (FVPF) 2010 return $11mil revenues $36 


    Apr 2, 2012 – Posts about Futures Without Violence (FVPF) 2010 return $11mil  women are receiving far more severe battery, false imprisonment, ….. So, here — for a quick update — this “Consortium” consorts in getting public grants to 

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  6. Futures Without Violence / Grants / Ford Foundation


    Futures Without Violence. Endowment support to build and sustain organizational capacity and expand depth and presence to prevent and end gender-based 

  7. Futures Without Violence National Conference on Health and 

    The Conference is a program of Futures Without Violence’s National Health Resource Center on Domestic Violence. The Center is funded by a grant from the 

  8. RESPECT! – Dockers

    Reaching out to employees during Dockers Community GivingCampaign to support  Campaign provide critical funding for Futures Without Violence’s violence  Many of the young men who receivedthis t-shirt participated in the making of 

  9. Information Use Requirements « Use-requirements « A National 

    Futures Without Violence and Workplaces Respond Information Use Requirements  grant you any ownership rights or interest in or toFutures Without Violence or  2009-TA-AX-K028 awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. 

  10. Futures Without Violence, formerly Family Violence Prevention Fund

    Donate to Futures Without Violence and your gift will help us complete our $7.5 million Ford Foundation Endowment Challenge Grant. Every dollar you …. preferences. Yes, I would like to receive email updates from Futures Without Violence.