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(written earlier, published now, summer 2012).

Just to be fair — the children above aren’t mine (image from the web), but I love the photo — they are airborne, energetic, look happy.  I remember being happy like that, alone, or in ensemble (I’m a musician, which is in the blood, but this ain’t flowing these days), or in association with my real children who have recently, as it goes, “aged out of the system.”

The system I mean is the family law system — which goes like this:  Once in, you’re basically in until all turn 18 or someone is roadkill.  There is either roadkill (incidents, statistics that happen around custody disputes) or there is impoverishment and losses, mostly of family wealth, as transferred to someone in the courts.  This can and does happen whether one partner is wealthy (in which case it typically happens to the other partner) or whether both are poor (in which case the game is welfare diversions to promote, research, demonstrate and test social science theories about poverty, marriage, etc.)

My children aren’t roadkill — or minors, presently — but they were robbed, of many good things (how much may not sink in til later in their lives), literally thousands of dollars, and a fair chance at scholarships to a college of their choice.  They were robbed of things that children should have while growing up, including a bit of stability and having ethical caretakers with values which correspond with state law, and a value which says, I wilL… They are also unaware of “what could have been” and otherwise would have. They are also (from what I can tell) personally divided and not supporting each other any more. And I was robbed of them, overnight, illegally, and with the parallel existence of a criminal law system headed up by District Attorneys (prosecution, optional/discretionary) and a family law system (criminal law in reverse; criminal parent is per se a boon to the system and as such gets custody and rewarded for further abuse. This causes conflict, which helps move funding, and support attorneys overall).

One cannot just look at — or tinker with — a single system; they operate in tandem. I eventually figured this out, and was able to explain to at least one of my children that I had a split-second decision whether or not to chance them ending up in foster care needlessly, or whether to seek to straighten it out in the family law system. ALL of my blogging dates from after the complete, and utter, failure of both systems to do squat about this situation, or to even give a hoot. AND of the DV agencies to tell me, a mother who “got out” — what’s really up with them. These are signs of the times — that it’s getting colder, harder, and the public seems not to be getting much wiser to what kinds of systems they are supporting with their taxes..

My children for about half their childhood (the half they were NOT watching assaults in the home on me, property destruction and other difficult situations, which was THEIR “normal” in addition to whatever I or others I could get them in front of, could provide for them). They were alienated by other adults in their family line, and by the fact that our family court system isn’t about families.  

Well — it IS about families — of the providers, not the families of the children). However “alienation” doesn’t count if one is upright, ethical, and female.  There all kinds of tricks of the trade ….

Nevertheless, as U.S. Citizens, they — like all other US citizens — truly are collateral for a national debt.  That is their future.  What’s more, apparently China is holding a lot of the debt.

Their dollar has no value except as determined by those dealing IN that debt.

(8/2012 note — I’ve learned more since then, some of it posted at http://familycourtmatters.wordpress.com, some elsewhere:  here are a few links and leads; this is a signature block from “Scranton Political Times” (a forum I participated in from about last November through just recently.  I’ve had enough now, but a lot of work is still posted on financial and legal matters under “Outlaw” and under “ReadMyLips” usernames (only).

(This is by way of saying, the topic is larger than the family law system for me, at this point.  Moreover, unbelievably, conflicts raised over a DECADE ago in my own family are no better now, and not one iota closer to resolution.  This is a factor of, as I see it, (1) WHO is involved, and (2) that we don’t have a legal system interested in justice, or stopping crime, any more. May not have for a long time, however I have to face this now.  From what I see, there is not a lot of time to publicize, nor do I feel I should altruistically just keep blogging.  We are talking, the USA is well into overtime as we speak.

I hope to someday be jumping, air-bound, and rejoicing as we see above.  However, right now, I can’t even visualize it.   I used to have hope of establishing AND maintaining good relationships in the future — with clients, with an employer, with friends (that I didn’t need to seek help or refuge from), or with just “folks.”  Or another relationship — except that as I see the courts, marriage is a very bad deal. So are churches.  What, then, does this leave?

LOOK — the matter of Jurisdiction and Citizenship are key. So is understanding money, and economics.  Not much else is til that’s down.

Under the doctrine of Parens Patriae, “Government As Parent”, as a result of the manipulated bankruptcy of the United States of America in 1930, ALL the assets of the American people, their person, and of our country itself are held by the Depository Trust Corporation at 55 Water Street, NY, NY, secured by UCC Commercial Liens, which are then monetized as “debt money” by the Federal Reserve. It may interest you to know that under the umbrella of the Depository Trust Corporation lies the CEDE Corporation, the Federal Reserve Corporation, the American Bar Association, the legal arm of the banking interests, and the Internal Revenue Service, the system’s collection agency.

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