Consequences of Welfare Reform, Illustrated….

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Time limits me from keeping up with multiple blogs; information tends to get posted at will on more than one of them.  The most orderly set of links (viewable from dynamic website — cursor has to be on the right side of the frame) is over at The Family Court Franchise System.

These days I am less focused on the family court system ONLY, in part because I feel I have a grasp on its dysfunction, which is designed into a larger scheme (design/context), and trying to find my own path in it, hopefully with footprints for others.   (Live and learn, right?)


I have a question:  Given this event, imagine, if you can, the setting — where (and when) did it happen?

Her daughter was lying on the floor in a pool of blood. The first blow to her head had knocked her unconscious. [Responders] had to taser [the relatively young father] twice to subdue him.

The [Florida] woman spent three days in the hospital with a broken nose, fractured cheekbone and broken jaw.

She was so badly beaten that her children, (daughter), 2, and (son), 3, didn’t recognize their mother.

“They didn’t want to come near me. … It was very emotional and upsetting, but they’re little. They didn’t understand. … It was upsetting to see them cower away from me,” [the young mother] said.

[The young mother]’s vision was so blurred that she had to withdraw from her college classes because she was unable to study for her upcoming finals, she said.

Witnesses say Catherine Scott-Gonzalez was attacked by her husband, Paul Gonzalez, in judge's chambers.

(photo credit & link at bottom of this post):

What was the setting, and what precipitated the incident?  Here’s room to imagine and speculate.  Fill out the details.

When, where, and WHY did this happen?

OK, if you’re done, here’s how I found out about it, as well as the answers (in brief).  

But first — the moral of the story:  Welfare Reform is up for re-authorization by the end of September 30, 2012.  This is not just laws — what this means is that when laws are passed that deal with money (i.e., federal money) — the United States House of Representatives is who votes (or doesn’t) vote “Appropriations” for them.  In this case, we are talking — a LOT more than Food Stamps, Cash Aid, Medicaid, Child Care, Disability Payments, help for children in Foster Care, Child Support Enforcement (so needy families can eat, right?) and much much more — under Title IV-A,-B,-C,-D,-E, of the Social Security Act

[Social Security Act (all Titles),Table of Contents @ July 24, 2015]

Subpart 1—Stephanie Tubbs Jones Child Welfare Services Program
Subpart 2—Promoting Safe and Stable Families
Subpart 3—Common Provisions
Sec. 440. Data standardization for improved data matching [only Sec. there]
[Part C—Repealed.]
Part D—Child Support and Establishment of Paternity

Sec. 451. Appropriation

Sec. 452. Duties of the Secretary 

Sec452. [42 U.S.C. 652] (a) The Secretary shall establish, within the Department of Health and Human Services a separate organizational unit, under the direction of a designee of the Secretary, who shall report directly to the Secretary and who shall

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“Engaging Men and Boys” — “Futures Without Violence” — Who comes up with these terms, anyhow?

(see last post, Essential Questions Essays #1) Men and boys are already engaged in life — they are engaged in all kinds of activities, some of them reproductive, some creative — some assaultive, some nurturant– some building, some shooting, some learning.  Some sitting in classrooms, MORE sitting in jails.  So what’s with “engaging men and boys” as a phrase?  It’s rather open ended language that could be used for practically anything.  Google the phrase — see what comes up!

As a term, it’s describing an ongoing activity. Generally speaking, it’s a corporation (of some sort) engaged in promoting a training program which is allegedly going to promote a certain result. This particular term seems to pull up international organizations (like for HIV/AIDS prevention), but on the home front (USA for me), it also pulled up some state “Coalitions Against Domestic Violence” nonprofits, which is hardly surprising, as both HHS (who help funds the CADV groups) and DOJ (which helps funds other things) are all involved in the “DV” industry. The term has almost become meaningless in their hands.

I’m female.  I can’t speak to what “men and boys” globally are engaged in.  I suspect there’s a lot of variety in what they are engaged in.  Maybe some of them are engaged to their girlfriends.  Others are engaged in the family law system.

But I can tell you one thing that Futures without Violence has been engaged in — for a VERY long time — and tht’s taking a major amount of federal funding, doing large-scale media programming, running bank-up conferences, and ignoring the family law system — and the word “mothers” overall.  When they were “family violence prevention fund” (not that long ago) I used to do periodic searches on “mother” (singular) and “father” (singular) on the site.  You’d be shocked.

They are a nonprofit.  They got started a long while ago, and are engaged in taking substantial moneys from the United States Government (which is to say from something it supposedly doesn’t have enough of — see national debt).

If you want to get a grip on an organization Engaging Men and Boys, then there is a way to do this.  And it StARTS with looking at their corporate records and tax returns.  Then you go “Huh.  wonder what THAT”s about!” and compare what those records say to their declared purpose.  If they’re a US-based corporation, then you go to whatever state(s) they are registered to operate in (I believe this one is San Francisco (i.e., California) and Washington, D.C.

MOST organizations, no matter their corporate purpose and nonprofit public benefit they are proposing — are involved in at LEAST MARKETING.  Many also are engaged — and the person who sent me the EQE essay taught me this — in using nonprofit status to buy up a substantial amount of real estate.  moreover, most NONprofits have a close association with either a FOR PROFIT, or an LLC (for the purpose of holding real estate) and many also are closely tied to the US Government for obvious reasons called, Funding.

Another thing many organizations are involved in (at least in this country here) is expanding.  Still others (I DNR if this one) are also involved in INVESTING.  They have enough money coming their way they can invest this money and produce investment income.  You ought to take a look at what they are investing in.

And at what their CEOs are earning, as well as key staff.

  1. Futures Without Violence: Our Work: Men & Boys

    Futures’ Work to Engage Men Highlighted During Capitol Hill Briefing September 19, 2011 How do you teach boys to respect the women and girls in their lives 

…For this group, I just googled “Futures without Violence grants received.”  This is the first page of “about 3.77 million” (3,770,000) results in less than a second.   You can look at them — and see they are leading things.  Don’t forget the tax return — not just the financials.

It is, FYI, also involved in covering up the family court fiascos — it’s like there’s a collective silence on the matter, except when it comes to an aopportunity to, let’s say, Train a judge or draw up another toolkit? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am very, very tired right now.  Here’s a page of p results for this one group.  After that, I suggest googling the term “Engaging Men and Boys” and start asking some question — whose phrase was this to start with anyhow?  Of the people using that phrase, how many are taking government money — and what kind of organization (legal, corporate identity) are they?  Ignore the propaganda for a while.  Focus on asking the question:  WHO is this, and WHAT are they doing?  What are they selling — where are the profis and expenses actually coming from?

  1. Futures Without Violence: News: In The News

    May 5, 2011 – Twenty-three organizations received grants of $300,000.Futures Without Violence will lead the technical assistance work for the project.

  2. Budget and Appropriations – Futures Without Violence…and…/_budget

    Priority programs for Futures Without Violence that received level funding included  Grant of $7.5 million was restored after being threatened with elimination.

  3. Futures Without Violence: Features: Enhancing Judicial Skills in

    The National Judicial Institute on Domestic Violence (NJIDV), a partnership of the  and Futures Without Violence (formerly Family Violence Prevention Fund), offers  jurisdictions currently receivingfunding from Training Grants to Stop Abuse 

  4. Futures Without Violence: Features: I-LED: Institute for Leadership in

    The Futures Without Violence, formerly Family Violence Prevention Fund,  60 organizations that receive funding through 10 major OVWgrant programs. I-LED 

  5.  (this search result is me.  It probably has a sample tax return)

    Futures Without Violence (FVPF) 2010 return $11mil revenues $36…/futureswithoutviolence-fvpf-…

    Apr 2, 2012 – Posts about Futures Without Violence (FVPF) 2010 return $11mil  women are receiving far more severe battery, false imprisonment, ….. So, here — for a quick update — this “Consortium” consorts in getting public grants to 

    You’ve visited this page 4 times. Last visit: 8/2/12
  6. Futures Without Violence / Grants / Ford Foundation

    Futures Without Violence. Endowment support to build and sustain organizational capacity and expand depth and presence to prevent and end gender-based 

  7. Futures Without Violence National Conference on Health and 

    The Conference is a program of Futures Without Violence’s National Health Resource Center on Domestic Violence. The Center is funded by a grant from the 

  8. RESPECT! – Dockers

    Reaching out to employees during Dockers Community GivingCampaign to support  Campaign provide critical funding for Futures Without Violence’s violence  Many of the young men who receivedthis t-shirt participated in the making of 

  9. Information Use Requirements « Use-requirements « A National 

    Futures Without Violence and Workplaces Respond Information Use Requirements  grant you any ownership rights or interest in or toFutures Without Violence or  2009-TA-AX-K028 awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. 

  10. Futures Without Violence, formerly Family Violence Prevention Fund

    Donate to Futures Without Violence and your gift will help us complete our $7.5 million Ford Foundation Endowment Challenge Grant. Every dollar you …. preferences. Yes, I would like to receive email updates from Futures Without Violence.

Essential Questions Essays — #1, Why (the ….) is OVW dispensing a $10 MillionT&A Grants to “Engage Men and Boys?”


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A fellow blogger, investigational whiz and grants-tracker began forwarding essays that demanded a platform.  They are too good for just email — however this person has more faith left in the US Courts and Justice system than I ever expect to.  I believe it’s probably a matter of age; her time will come.  Possibly.

But in the meantime, these essays demand a platform, and to be delivered intact.  Pending verification I get to acknowledge by name as well, that will be up shortly.   The “Essential Questions Essays” (or EQE), til further notice, goes to this woman’s work. I’ve already answered this to my satisfaction, but I think not enough people are even asking the questions — so here they come!

If I cannot refrain from commenting, it will be in blue font

If you have ever wondered why women lose custody when they report domestic violence, this is $10,000,000 in grant money from the Office of Violence Against Women (OVW) dedicated to helping violent fathers get custody of crime victims.

OVW FY 2012 Consolidated Grant and Technical Assistance Program to Address Children and Youth Experiencing Domestic And Sexual Violence and Engage Men and Boys as Allies (<= <=link; click on it!)

Women need to question their “advocates” and demand accountability from them as to why they have not taken a position to oppose this funding. Why have they failed to produce literature that warns mothers that OVW funded programs are used to assist the high risk violent offenders? Women need to know how to identify offender friendly front agencies, “domestic violence advocates” and agencies that are really trafficking young boys to high risk violent offenders through the family courts.

I want you to write your congressman and senator and ask them to cut this dangerous pork barrel spending:

1. How do they justify the “need” for this funding? Who oversees it? How do they KNOW that funding is not going to non-offending parents? What are the consequences OVW has implemented for programs that violate the terms of the grant by assisting and promoting high risk violent offenders? I refer you to the Lori Handrahan case, Sunny Kelly’s case, and the many others where VAWA/OVW funds were used to traffick children and promote and assist offenders:

The court, CPS, the police, the DA, and the State agencies who participated in this scam were not penalized by OVW financially, and continue to recieve millions in funding from OVW—despite the fact that they misused their federal funding.

2. Why do we need OVW’s redundant funding for more male high risk violent offender rehab programs?

This funding has no legitimate purpose because HHS has already dedicated $5 billion to the exact same purpose via the Fatherhood, Access and Visitation, offender rehabilitation, and child support programs. The DOJ’s grant programs serving the criminal justice system’s parole and probation programs also provide several billion in funding for violent offender rehabilitation. The funding is redundant and cancels out any benefit otherwise provided to the victims, as the grantees will need to sell out victims in order to justify their grants.

3. If OVW’s purpose is to reduce violence against women, how does incentivizing DV agencies to deliberately place victims of violent crimes with high risk male offenders (deliberately creating motherless homes) keep women and children safe? Who do they think the “men and boys” involved in “combatting DV” will be? Men who are healthy and safe around children, or violent criminals in need of rehabilitation who are known to be high risk offenders? Wouldn’t children be safer if the offender was barred from contacting them?** Judges and CPS must ignore the evidence and facts that otherwise would convict male offenders in a court of law, and instead decide the case based on funding mandates.

{{**yes, my friend — but then family court would be short of clientele.  And we can’t have that, now — can we?!!}}

4. Since violence is a voluntary act, shouldn’t these resources go to victim rehabilitation while offenders are cut off from victim access and required to pay for their own rehabilitation?

Criminal assault on a family member is a crime that needs to be prosecuted, not a disease that crime victims inflict on high risk violent offenders. **If OVW were serious about reducing violent crimes against women, wouldn’t they support programs that advocated zero tolerance policies and strict criminal penalties for violent offenders? Why are they funding programs that discourage the criminal justice system from arresting and prosecuting violent criminals, but instead abet violent male perpetrators? Doesn’t this create a deadly burden on the system on the local level if these high risk offenders are continuously provided access to victims, in court, and targeting members of the public?


{{**So say you; I agree, and so says common sense.  However, a “mental health archipelago” at work here, needs victims; it’s ravenous.  It is the clear intention of the Unified Family Court System — driven by the AFCC in good part, and certain corporations — to treat the whole family.   This has been the AFCC agenda from the start; they are a blend of Judges, Attorneys (mediators, etc.) — and Psychologists seeking to normalize normal (and criminal) behavior as a Behavioral Health Problem waiting for Early intervention.  My reference?  UBaltimore School of Law (Barbara Babb and friends) UNIFIED FAMILY COURTSwant subject matter jurisdiction over ALL CASES involving children and families.

{{…From what I can tell, this relates directly to more federal funding available (adoptions, foster care, treatments, etc — in addition to the routine marriage/fatherhood promotion, abstinence education and forced parent participation in slush-fund type outfits like KidsTurn (California) KidsFirst (East Coast, PA, etc.) Kids in the Middle, Parent Coordination and you name it….. or, to be more accurate, AFCC, NACC, CRC, and others will name it, promote it, practice, and then get laws passed to mandate it. Of course it’s impossible to mandate something unless a person is actually in court somehow — which appears to be where these specialized courts come in.  To access the kids. — I mean think about it — WHAT category of individual is not either a child, or at some point in time, in a family?  People could be childless, but divorcing — they will still have to show up in front of such a court’s judge unless they REALLY have the divorce together.  ALL CASES INVOLVING CHILDREN AND FAMILIES.   GET THEM TO SHOW UP, AND THEN ORDER TREATMENT.  THAT APPEARS TO BE THE STRATEGY. *** (see rest below)}}

5. Does the legislator allow known violent criminals, sex offenders, and traffickers to babysit and mentor their own children? Because this is what they are advocating. They cannot have it both ways-abet male violent offenders in raising the next generation, and at the same time, reduce violent crimes against women. Shifting the funding so that it is only available to BOYS and MEN will merely create more male violent offenders.

Here is the text of the grant:

The Consolidated Grant and Technical Assistance Program to Address Children and Youth Experiencing Domestic and Sexual Violence and Engage Men and Boys as Allies, hereafter referred to as the Consolidated Grant Program, supports activities that were previously funded under the following four OVW grant programs:

  • Grants to Assist Children and Youth Exposed to Violence Program (CEV); 
  • Services to Advocate for and Respond to Youth Program (Youth Services);
  • Services, Training, Education and Policies to Reduce Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, and Stalking in Secondary Schools Grant Program (STEP); and the
  • Engaging Men in Preventing Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, and Stalking Program (Engaging Men).

The Consolidated Grant Program creates a unique opportunity for communities to increase collaboration among:

  • non-profit victim service providers;
  • violence prevention and child- and youth-serving organizations;
  • organizations and programs that support men’s role in combating violence against women and girls;
  • schools; and tribal and local government agencies.
This program has two primary purposes and supports projects that implement one or both of these areas. First, the program supports comprehensive child- and youth-centered prevention and intervention projects that maximize community-based efforts and evidence-informed practices to more fully address domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking. Comprehensive projects supported under this solicitation must address a continuum of strategies, specifically, prevention, intervention, treatment and response. These strategies include victim services to children and youth exposed to violence; training for professionals to improve interventions and responses; coordinated school-based strategies; supportive services for non-offending parents; and coordinated community responses to violence targeting children and youth. This solicitation refers to these projects as “Comprehensive Projects.”
Second, the program supports multi-faceted prevention strategies that involve community organizing, outreach, public education and mobilization that utilize men as influencers of other men and boys and encourages them to work as allies with women and girls to prevent domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking. This solicitation refers to these projects as “Engaging Men and Boys Projects.”

Technical Assistance

{{this is the “T&A” part — which replaces the “actually helps” part that would otherwise be in place.}}

The technical assistance portion of this solicitation will support comprehensive training and technical assistance to the grantees awarded under this solicitation. The technical assistance to be provided must be able to meet the diverse needs of the eligible entities, as well as, provide training and capacity building to help grantees address specific issues and all purpose areas within the scope of the Consolidated Grant program.

OVW FY 2012 Consolidated Grant and Technical Assistance Program to Address Children and Youth Experiencing Domestic And Sexual Violence and Engage Men and Boys as Allies

***More in UNIFIED FAMILY COURTS from the Baltimore site:

The Unified Family Court is a single court system with comprehensive subject-matter jurisdiction over all cases involving children and families. The court coordinates efforts to produce resolutions tailored to an individual family’s legal, personal, emotional, and social needs. UFCs are a response to clear and devastating problems.

For many lawyers and judges working in family law, it became apparent years ago that the justice system was not working as well as it could or should for the parties and for society as a whole. The family justice process was expensive, inefficient, and often traumatic, and it did not make the most effective use of community resources that could help families undergoing difficult transitions. This growing recognition of a fractured family justice system created urgency for law reform. Professor Barbara A. Babb, the founder and director of CFCC, was one of the early proponents and continues to be a leading scholars arguing for a refashioned approach through her interdisciplinary model of a Unified Family Court. Professor Babb’s scholarship outlined a blueprint for a Unified Family Court.

I’d like to note that (I just searched the last 8 weeks of OVW awards) there’s a nearby grant of $2,500,000 — to go to ONE grantee — called:

08/29/2012 OVW FY 2012 Training and Technical Assistance to Support Grantee Reporting Office of Violence Against Women OVW-2012-3380
heres another for $750,000 from “OJJDP” which specifically results from the DEFENDING CHILDHOOD INItiATIVE:
07/27/2012 OJJDP FY 2012 Enhancing Law Enforcement Response to Children Exposed to Violence Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention OJJDP-2012-3371


The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), Office of Justice Programs, will fund a qualified, eligible applicant to establish a training and technical assistance provider for law enforcement agencies regarding children’s exposure to violence. This provider will develop and disseminate an array of tools and resources targeted toward law enforcement officers, their multidisciplinary team members, and their community partners who are often the first responders to incidents of children who have been exposed to violence. This program is a part of the Department of Justice’s Defending Childhood Initiative. OJJDP will administer this program in partnership with the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services with support from the Bureau of Justice Assistance; Office for Victims of Crime; Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys; Office on Violence Against Women; and Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering, and Tracking.
For more information, see the notes from the May 2012 Defending Childhood Working Group meeting at
This program is authorized under the Department of Justice Appropriations Act, 2012; Pub. L. No. 112-55; 125 Stat. 552, 615.  
that part in large font here is one place that some controls might be exerted — in APPROPRIATIONS.  But, not if we aren’t paying attention.    
From the OJJDP grant I notice some descriptions (full announcement) is available.  In part:
Creation of a series of tools and resources that address law enforcement agency operations, activities, policies, procedures, and focus on children’s exposure to violence, while also incorporating the agency’s work with other partners, (i.e. social and child protective services, domestic violence providers, mental health providers, medical providers, schools and early education, courts, prosecutors, and community and faith-based organizations)

faith-based organizations have developed significant problems on the HHS, including grants fraud (it attracts the wrong kind of personnel) and as a woman, I find them objectionable — among the worst abusers are the religious kinds, and we already (as the public) know that this includes coverup.  It’s why groups like “SNAP” exist to start with.

“ENGAGING MEN AND BOYS” as a phrase:  Found @

UNFPA  (UN Populations Fund)


Engaging Men and Boys in Gender Equality and Health

A global toolkit for action Author: Promundo, UNFPA, MenEngage No. of pages: 98 Publication date: 2010

    Men and boys worldwide continue to hold more power than women – in parliaments and on playgrounds; in the household, the classroom and the workplace. Men in many countries also often decide whether women can take steps to improve their own well-being and that of their families.

    Such unequal power dynamics in relationships, coupled with cultural expectations that reinforce gender inequity, make men and boys more vulnerable to harm. For instance, societal messages that encourage men to have multiple sexual partners increase their risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections, such as HIV. But like women, men have the ability to be agents of change in their own lives – as well as in those of their wives, sisters, girlfriends and daughters.

    It is imperative to involve men in efforts to better women’s health, economic and social status. Society must acknowledge how some men’s behavior and attitudes limit women’s lives. But it’s also critical to address underlying traditional expectations and structures that lead to their actions – as well as help men understand how they can benefit from changing their behavior. Ultimately, to achieve more equitable relationships, we have to question men’s and women’s beliefs about their roles in society.

WHAT were those Wars about, again? A Mother Reflects….


, ,

(written earlier, published now, summer 2012).

Just to be fair — the children above aren’t mine (image from the web), but I love the photo — they are airborne, energetic, look happy.  I remember being happy like that, alone, or in ensemble (I’m a musician, which is in the blood, but this ain’t flowing these days), or in association with my real children who have recently, as it goes, “aged out of the system.”

The system I mean is the family law system — which goes like this:  Once in, you’re basically in until all turn 18 or someone is roadkill.  There is either roadkill (incidents, statistics that happen around custody disputes) or there is impoverishment and losses, mostly of family wealth, as transferred to someone in the courts.  This can and does happen whether one partner is wealthy (in which case it typically happens to the other partner) or whether both are poor (in which case the game is welfare diversions to promote, research, demonstrate and test social science theories about poverty, marriage, etc.)

My children aren’t roadkill — or minors, presently — but they were robbed, of many good things (how much may not sink in til later in their lives), literally thousands of dollars, and a fair chance at scholarships to a college of their choice.  They were robbed of things that children should have while growing up, including a bit of stability and having ethical caretakers with values which correspond with state law, and a value which says, I wilL… They are also unaware of “what could have been” and otherwise would have. They are also (from what I can tell) personally divided and not supporting each other any more. And I was robbed of them, overnight, illegally, and with the parallel existence of a criminal law system headed up by District Attorneys (prosecution, optional/discretionary) and a family law system (criminal law in reverse; criminal parent is per se a boon to the system and as such gets custody and rewarded for further abuse. This causes conflict, which helps move funding, and support attorneys overall).

One cannot just look at — or tinker with — a single system; they operate in tandem. I eventually figured this out, and was able to explain to at least one of my children that I had a split-second decision whether or not to chance them ending up in foster care needlessly, or whether to seek to straighten it out in the family law system. ALL of my blogging dates from after the complete, and utter, failure of both systems to do squat about this situation, or to even give a hoot. AND of the DV agencies to tell me, a mother who “got out” — what’s really up with them. These are signs of the times — that it’s getting colder, harder, and the public seems not to be getting much wiser to what kinds of systems they are supporting with their taxes..

My children for about half their childhood (the half they were NOT watching assaults in the home on me, property destruction and other difficult situations, which was THEIR “normal” in addition to whatever I or others I could get them in front of, could provide for them). They were alienated by other adults in their family line, and by the fact that our family court system isn’t about families.  

Well — it IS about families — of the providers, not the families of the children). However “alienation” doesn’t count if one is upright, ethical, and female.  There all kinds of tricks of the trade ….

Nevertheless, as U.S. Citizens, they — like all other US citizens — truly are collateral for a national debt.  That is their future.  What’s more, apparently China is holding a lot of the debt.

Their dollar has no value except as determined by those dealing IN that debt.

(8/2012 note — I’ve learned more since then, some of it posted at, some elsewhere:  here are a few links and leads; this is a signature block from “Scranton Political Times” (a forum I participated in from about last November through just recently.  I’ve had enough now, but a lot of work is still posted on financial and legal matters under “Outlaw” and under “ReadMyLips” usernames (only).

(This is by way of saying, the topic is larger than the family law system for me, at this point.  Moreover, unbelievably, conflicts raised over a DECADE ago in my own family are no better now, and not one iota closer to resolution.  This is a factor of, as I see it, (1) WHO is involved, and (2) that we don’t have a legal system interested in justice, or stopping crime, any more. May not have for a long time, however I have to face this now.  From what I see, there is not a lot of time to publicize, nor do I feel I should altruistically just keep blogging.  We are talking, the USA is well into overtime as we speak.

I hope to someday be jumping, air-bound, and rejoicing as we see above.  However, right now, I can’t even visualize it.   I used to have hope of establishing AND maintaining good relationships in the future — with clients, with an employer, with friends (that I didn’t need to seek help or refuge from), or with just “folks.”  Or another relationship — except that as I see the courts, marriage is a very bad deal. So are churches.  What, then, does this leave?

LOOK — the matter of Jurisdiction and Citizenship are key. So is understanding money, and economics.  Not much else is til that’s down.

Under the doctrine of Parens Patriae, “Government As Parent”, as a result of the manipulated bankruptcy of the United States of America in 1930, ALL the assets of the American people, their person, and of our country itself are held by the Depository Trust Corporation at 55 Water Street, NY, NY, secured by UCC Commercial Liens, which are then monetized as “debt money” by the Federal Reserve. It may interest you to know that under the umbrella of the Depository Trust Corporation lies the CEDE Corporation, the Federal Reserve Corporation, the American Bar Association, the legal arm of the banking interests, and the Internal Revenue Service, the system’s collection agency.

[[below here was the May 2012 post, cont’d]]


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